Friday at Four #6 – Suspending judgement

Week 6 of this fun Friday at Four experiment… Here I am, reporting back on what I’ve learned from the latest play session:

What I did last week

I filled up a whole page with colour, creating some sort of background. I was wondering if I’d see something in there that would inspire what I’d draw on top of it. Nothing stood out this time, so I ended up playing around with spirals to create the second layer.

What I’ve learned from that play session

As I was drawing, I noticed that I was at times thinking about the end result and how it would turn out instead of staying in the present moment, focused on the process. To help bring me back, I made a decision: I would suspend judgement of what I was creating, at least until it was finished. And, why not, maybe I’d refrain from judging it even then!

An interesting, and quite probably unsurprising, thing happened: I started having more fun and enjoying myself more after I committed to stop evaluating how “good” (whatever that meant) what I was doing would turn out to be.

Now that this has come to my attention, I want to keep noticing where it comes up, both in play sessions and in the rest of my life, and to gently question whether a judgement is really needed in that situation. I also want to take the idea of suspending judgement that I tried on last week and turn it into a practice; I have a feeling it would be a useful and valuable experiment.

My plan for this week

I’m not quite done painting over the spirals I drew last week, so I’ll start with that. Then, who knows, this might become the background for a third layer…

What about you?

Do you ever catch yourself judging what you’re in the process of doing, even when no judgement is called for? How does that feel? Does that change the enjoyment you get from that activity? And how does the idea of (at least temporarily) suspending judgement sound like to you?

Please share how it went last time and what you plan on trying next, if and when you feel like it. You can do it in a few words, through a picture, or any other way you can think of! You can do it here in the comments or as a post on your own blog, on Twitter (let’s use the hashtag #fridayatfour), or elsewhere – make sure to let us know in the comments so that we can find your contribution and cheer you on!

Thanks for joining me, and happy playing!

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