Friday at Four #8 – The gift of a pause

Week 8 of this Friday at Four experiment, and I must say that I am very grateful I’ve established this practice at the beginning of the year.

Right in the middle of chaos

You see, last Friday happened to fall right in the middle of two really chaotic and overwhelming weeks. A lot of it felt like having to map a route on a terrain that was actually made of moving sands.

At some point during the day, the idea of having to sit and make art felt like “yet one more thing to do on top of everything else”. However, when I actually got there, it ended up feeling like a blessing.

Enjoying a pause, practicing presence

I realised, once I sat at the table and started playing with my art supplies, that this practice was actually providing me with a most welcome pause in that hectic week. What a wonderful gift that was!

It’s always a gift, of course, but last week I could apreciate it in a deeper way. What a relief it was, during that time, for me not to have to try and figure things out! I didn’t have to worry about what was yet to come, about how I would get all the moving pieces to fit together, or about how and when all the uncertainty would finally be resolved.

Of course, I could have resisted and resented having to follow through on that commitment to myself, I could have kept seeing it as taking precious time that could have been put to use in many other ways. However, I quickly realised that everything else could easily wait for an hour, and that surrendering to that pause would be much more beneficial than any other option would have been.

I only had to be there and play. I only had to enjoy that pause, to enjoy that opportunity to be present, and to fill up on the quality of presence – which would come in handy when I’d be getting back into the chaos, and back to attempting to create some kind of order out of it.

That was exactly what I needed at that time. And enjoying it felt really good! The funny thing is that, had I not established that practice, it never would have occurred to me to give myself the gift of such a wonderful pause…

What about you?

Does your practice sometimes appear to be a gift? In which ways? And has it ever provided you with a welcome pause when you most needed it?

Please share your experience and your thoughts, if and when you feel like it. You can do it in a few words, through a picture, or any other way you can think of! You can do it here in the comments or as a post on your own blog, on Twitter (let’s use the hashtag #fridayatfour), or elsewhere – make sure to let us know in the comments so that we can find your contribution and cheer you on!

Thanks for joining me, and happy playing!

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