Noticing – the dragonfly edition

When my gentleman friend and I went to Montreal for a weekend in early September, a request from my wonderful friend Celine got me to stop and notice things I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise: she had asked me to take pictures.  Though I have moved out of Montreal a little over a year ago, it still feels like home, which means that my camera usually stays at the bottom of my bag when I’m there.

So, thanks to Celine, here’s one little beauty I wouldn’t have seen had I not been on the lookout for ways to share with her some of what I love so much about that city:

Yes, I was that close to it!

That gets me thinking… this could be the first in a (most probably irregular – I know myself!) series of posts.  I’ll keep my eyes open for unexpected beauty, and share what I find with you.  And I’d be happy if you wanted to share with me something you noticed the last time you had an opportunity to slow down and look at familiar things with fresh eyes.  What did you see?

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10 Responses to Noticing – the dragonfly edition

  1. Fabeku says:

    The dragonfly is gorgeous!

    And the fact that you managed to snap such a great picture? Amazing.

    And beyond the gorgeous wing-ey insect, I love the bigger message here. Keeping an eye out for unexpected beauty.

    Which seems so needed. And so awesome.

    Thanks for the post. And the reminder. I love both.

  2. What Fabeku said!

    Simply G O R G E O U S.

    By irregular, I hope you mean really frequent.

  3. Nancy says:

    Wow beautiful. Much needed in this hectic world. I’ll be looking forward to this series :)

  4. Josiane says:

    @Fabeku: Thank you! I really wasn’t sure where I was going with that post when I sat down to write it, and I’m glad it morphed into something that spoke to you.

    @Shannon: Hey, sweetie, thanks to you too! As for the really frequent thing, er… I make no promises. Thankfully, I know you’ll understand!

    @Nancy: Yes, it feels so hectic sometimes, and yet there is so much beauty around. We have to remember to slow down and savor it once in a while!

  5. elizabeth says:

    wow! what a gorgeous butterfly.

    i love the idea behind your series. it’s sort of the idea behind my photo blog, only my idea was more to find beauty in the ordinary. (which sometimes is unexpected as well – because we forget how much beauty is in the ordinary. the photo that reminds me of that the most was one that i took a few years ago of a parking garage that was just beautiful (i thought), and we never expect that of parking garages. :)

  6. Josiane says:

    @elizabeth: I love seeing beauty in the ordinary as well, and that may be the reason why I love your blog so much! You’re right, beauty in the ordinary sometimes feels unexpected, and I think it may be because we don’t always take the time to really look and take it in… or we simply need to move the frame and see the image differently – which you do in a gorgeous way with your pictures!

  7. celine says:

    so pretty! I’d pet it, if I had the courage. thanks for remembering my pic request, Josiane, I hope to see more of your pictures soon!

  8. Josiane says:

    @Celine: Thank you for making that request – it’s really because of it that I found that beauty! Had you been there, you’d have had plenty of time to admire it (if not to work up the courage to pet it!): the dragonfly stayed on that leaf for a loooong time, even as I was taking bazillions of close-up pics… Actually, I think it was still there when I left!
    As for more pictures, the latest ones are food pics, but not nearly as good as yours. Oh well! I’ll post some anyways, when I finally sit down to write a new post…

  9. Oh, what a lovely photo! I’m so glad you stopped to take a look & then share with all of us :) Hope you’re doing well & I’ll write soon!

  10. Josiane says:

    @knittymuggins: Nice to see you here! I must say the pictures you shared recently on your blog were quite dreamy too… :)

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